Thursday, August 21, 2014

All Things New

By Anne Horton, Director of Camp & Retreat Ministries

It has been a wonderful summer for over 1,350 children and youth, and over 500 adult volunteers. All four of our camp sites have been abuzz with activity. They have learned to look for “All Things New,” for God is doing amazing things in their lives, their local church, and in their communities. They have discovered it is important to stay open to God’s movement; that God is still creating; that they are being shaped by God; that they need to continue to grow in discipleship, and that God will always be creating in and through them.

In all of the weeks of camp the love that I observed, and felt being shared, was amazing.

Check out the new video on the camping homepage,, to see pictures from the summer.

Thank you to all the churches that sent children and youth to camp. Thanks for supporting your camps. This year the camper scholarship fund gave assistance to over one hundred campers with approximately $17,800. It is wonderful that we were able to give assistance to so many.

From these pictures, you can see what a wonderful summer it has been. Thank you so much for helping to touch lives for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!


Top Ten
Thank you to the ten churches that sent the most campers to camp this year ...

Aldersgate Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg District: 81 campers
First Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg District: 74 campers
Stewartstown, York District: 45 campers
Camp Hill, Harrisburg District: 39 campers
First Williamsport, Williamsport District: 32 campers
Christ Selinsgrove, Lewisburg District: 25 campers
Hicks Memorial Duncansville, Altoona District: 24 campers
Wesley Bloomsburg, Lewisburg District: 19 campers
Calvary Harrisburg, Harrisburg District: 18 campers
Grace Hummelstown, Harrisburg District: 15 campers
Orrtanna, York District: 15 campers

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