Thursday, August 21, 2014

Growing Effective Churches: Starting a new worship service

By Rev. Dennis Otto, Director of Congregational Development

During the course of my ministry I have been involved in starting four or five new worship services. I can say two things with certainty. First, nothing helped the church reach new people faster and increase worship attendance more dramatically than starting a new worship service. Second, when done incorrectly it is very costly in terms of time, money, and leadership capital. I know, because of the four or five worship services that I helped start, four or five were started incorrectly. Now only one failed completely, but it would have been great to have a model for how to start well.

Paul Nixon (I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church et. al.) and Jason Moore (Midnight Oil Productions) are leading a workshop on how to start new worship services effectively. The workshop is entitled The Domino Effect. The flier and registration site are below. Paul and Jason have this to say about the workshop:

“Launching a new worship service for a new constituency is the single most helpful thing most American churches could do to unlock God’s future for their communities. It is not a silver bullet, but when done right, this pushes a church into much of the critical work necessary to reboot themselves in twenty-first century community. And it will help to bless a lot of people who have never known that ‘church could be like this.’”

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