Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Heritage

By Milton Loyer, Conference Archivist 

July 100 years ago
The rebuilt Methodist Episcopal Chapel at Upper Strasburg, on Green Village Charge, Franklin County, was dedicated July 5, 1914. The original structure had been demolished by a storm the previous year. In 1914, this four-point charge included a parsonage in Green Village and church buildings at Fayetteville, Green Village, Roxbury, and Upper Strasburg – none of which is in use any more. The Fayetteville congregation (now Calvary UMC) dedicated a new building on Norlo Drive in 1964, and a modern house occupies the original Main Street site. The church at Green Village was closed in 1944, reopened in 1953, and permanently closed in 1957. The building was razed in 1963 and the contents of the cornerstone transferred to the conference archives; the cemetery remains to mark the site. The Roxbury building stood in the cemetery in the southeast end of town. Following the 1939 denominational union, the congregation merged with the former Methodist Protestant congregation (now Roxbury UMC) and the Methodist Episcopal building was razed. Following the 1968 denominational union, the Upper Strasburg congregation merged with the former United Brethren congregation (now Upper Strasburg UMC), and the building was sold to the cemetery association.

August 50 years ago
Included in the August 1964 schedule for Camp Penn were two interesting camping experiences.
(1) August 11-13, 1964 – “A Brand New Camp for Senior Citizens.” Directed by Rev. Monroe Shearer Sr., the experience was designed for “all men and women in their late fifties and up.” Included in the camp were Bible studies by Rev. Paul Cressman, missionary presentations by Miss Lottie Spessard, and discussions about the role of older persons in the church.
(2) August 23 -24, 1964 – “Interesting Ministers Camp Planned.” Directed by Rev. David Andrews, the camp was sponsored by the Commission on the Urban Church of the Conference Board of Missions. “All ministers of the Pennsylvania Conference are urged to attend” this camp that will focus on “the meaning and ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ in today’s world … of technology and automation.”

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