Monday, December 22, 2014

Commentary: Christmas rearranged

By Jerry Wolgemuth
Director of Communications, SUSUMC

Friday evening we pulled out of the drive: Dad, with two daughters, one wife, and one dog, comfortably packed in our car along with assorted wrapped gifts.

Home was in Ohio. Christmas was at the grandparent’s house in Pennsylvania on Saturday.
Dad’s usual pre-trip nap was finished so daughters, wife and, dog could enjoy a restful overnight snooze to Loganton.

In a few minutes the family found its usual sleep configuration: one wife slumped in the front seat, two daughters curled up on the floor-boards in the back, with one dog (Irish setter) stretched full-length across the comfort of the back seat.

It was raining, and along about Lodi dad became aware that traction with the road pavement had become tentative. A half-pavement/half-berm position maintained an easternly trajectory.

In Akron the snowflakes out-sized the cars; the bumper pretended to be a snowplow.

At a pay phone a sleepy grandmother learned that Christmas was in jeopardy.

A return to the car revealed one bleary-eyed wife, two crying daughters, and one dog licking faces. Dad’s in pain from hitting the corner of the car door with the back of his hand. Now he’s crying.
Two hours later the defeated carload pulled back into the drive from which it emerged earlier.

There was no snow, no rain, the moon was shining.

So, in true pioneer fashion the car left the driveway again to venture into a complete replay of the previous story, except with a bit more ice and snow.

At 3 a.m. the twice-defeated carload pulled back into the driveway.

But Christmas happened anyway! Christmas was intact ... just rearranged.

Grandma’s roast turkey happened. Presents got opened with smiles and giggles. “Silent Night” got sung.

Christmas always happens, whatever the circumstances. It’s the way God invented it. The first Christmas was just rearranged a bit from what Mary and Joseph had in mind.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Glad we could get together.

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