Friday, February 13, 2015

Discovery Place: Confirmation Resources

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Are you planning to teach a confirmation class this spring? Discovery Place has several different titles in our Confirmation Resource list. We also have lots of resources that can add depth to your confirmation teaching plan. Here are just a few. You can get a complete list by going to our online catalogue and searching under the subject “Confirmation.”

Claim the Name Confirmation Teaching Plans: Available in 8-week, 6-15-weeks, or 39-week versions. This is a step-by-step teaching plan for confirmation classes. It teaches the basics of the Christian faith, engages youth in the practices of the faith, and focuses on commitment and discipleship. Prepare your 6th-8th graders to claim the name “Christian” and claim the name “United Methodist.”

Credo: Confirmation Curriculum: Confirmation in the United Methodist tradition is a rite through which young Christians affirm the faith of the church, renew the vows of baptism, and commit to lives of discipleship as professing members of the United Methodist Church. Credo helps prepare young people for the rite of confirmation by teaching them about Christian story and essential Christian beliefs. 8-week version available for use. 3-year version is for preview only.

Crossings: God’s Journey with Us: This unique confirmation program focuses on exploring the eight core stories of the Bible. The Crossings confirmation program concentrates on identifying the eight parts of the core biblical story, relating the core biblical story to our individual stories, and participating in the real life practices of the Christian church through worship, community, devotional life, and service. Crossings includes a total of 30 sessions.

The Apostles’ Creed: Knowing What We Believe: This video invites young people to go beyond merely knowing the words of the Creed to exploring it as a guide to their Christian walk and a unifying force that connects them to the Body of Christ. Divided into seventeen lessons covering each phrase of the Creed, this video brings new meaning to the truth and simplicity of the Apostles’ Creed.

Fast Forward: A Visual History of the Church: This stunning 13-minute presentation of the history of the church will captivate a broad audience. The fast-paced words, supported by music and rap narration, will challenge your congregation to embrace the call to step boldly, as a unified body of Christ followers, beyond the walls of the sanctuary.

Claiming the Story: A Journey in Christian History for United Methodists: This presentation can be used with both young and old as it unfolds the drama of Christianity — the personalities, the movements, and the events that shaped each age through the centuries. Following the German and English Reformations, the story line follows the development of United Methodism, showing the denomination’s direct links with the entire span of Christian history.

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