Friday, February 13, 2015

Instructions for submitting petitions to the 2016 General Conference

“Any organization, clergy member, or lay member of The United Methodist Church may petition the General Conference ….” (¶507, “The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 2012”)

Format for Petition Submissions
All petitions should be submitted digitally by e-mail, CD, USB drive, or through the General Conference website. Petitions not submitted digitally shall be in typed or printed form following the format below. Handwritten or hand printed submissions will not be accepted.

Petitions must be typed and double-spaced. Microsoft Word or any other software that allows files to be saved as rich-text format (RTF) may be used.
Do not use “Track Changes” at any point in the preparation of a petition. Do not use subscript or superscript, as it is commonly used for footnotes and endnotes. Instead of footnotes and endnotes, use in-text citations.

The top of the first page of the petition should read as follows:

  • Total Number of Pages
  • Suggested Title: (i.e., “Establish Quorum”)
  • Discipline Paragraph or Resolution Number, if applicable: (i.e. “Discipline ¶ 506” or “Resolution #42)
  • General Church Budget Implications: (i.e. – “General Church Budget Implications: None or Yes”)
  • Global Implications: (i.e. “Global Implications: None or Yes”) 
The bottom of the final page of the petition should include:

  • Date
  • Signature of the Petitioner
  • Identification of the Petitioner: (i.e. “Member of Local Church,” “Secretary of Annual Conference,” etc.)
  • Phone
  • Fax Number: (if applicable)
  • E-mail Address: (if applicable)

“Each petition must be signed by the person submitting it, accompanied by appropriate identification, such as address, local church, or United Methodist board or agency relationship.” Telephone numbers must also be included. “Each petition submitted by fax or electronic mail must identify the individual submitting it, accompanied by identification as above, and must contain a valid digital electronic mail return address or return fax number by which the submitter can be reached. Electronic signatures will be accepted in accordance with common business practice .” (¶507.3, “The Book of Discipline”)

Further instructions, including Content of Petition Text, Supporting Material, Sending Petitions to the Petitions Secretary, and Frequently Asked Questions, can be found at

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