Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2015 Licenced Local Pastors

Back row, left to right: Ian R. Hastings, Gary L. Fanus, Todd James (TJ) McCabe, Mark E. Obrzut Sr., Kristopher R. Sledge, Jennifer E. Ryerson,
and Jeffrey F. Thoms.

Middle row: John J. Saldana, Daniel C. Kerlin, Edward C. Kerber II, Scott O. Miller, Eric B. Watkins, Eugene D. Sperazza, Rachel E. Keller,
and Joseph S. Hopkins.

Front row: Gloria Montgomery, Blanca N. Baker, Crystal A. Baumgardner, Richard P. Hanlon, Wendy M. D’Agostino, Joshua W. Davinsizer, Jane Keller Rosborough, and Ruth S. Liples.

Not Pictured: Judith Grewe, David Keyworth, Timothy Parker, Daniel Wilt, Mark Zortman.

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