Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Discovery Place resources: Advent resources going fast

By Jody Robinson, Director of Discovery Place

The Advent Season is always a hectic one in the life of the local congregation.
Extra worship services, special programs, and fellowship events all add up to a very busy schedule. If we focus only on these events, we run the risk of missing the true meaning of the season. Why not set aside some time to complete an Advent-themed small group study where you and your group can dig deeper and share some meaningful conversation around the birth of our Lord and Savior and what “God With Us” means for us today.

Finding Bethlehem In The Midst Of Bedlam, by James W. Moore: Christmas or confusion, Bethlehem or bedlam … which will you choose this year? The truth is, we don’t have to choose, because Christmas always happens right in the midst of confusion. God breaks into the confusion and is made known in Jesus Christ. God can still be heard over our human noise. This 5-session study explores how God comes to us even in the midst of chaos and how we can, in turn, be light that the world seeks, especially during the Christmas season.

The Christmas Experience, by Kyle Idleman: The Christmas Experience is a 6-week small group study that examines the Christmas story in detail, helping groups (and families) prepare for the Christmas season. Each episode will focus on how God chose each individual in the Christmas story for a specific purpose. Those participating in The Christmas Experience study will be able to find themselves in the Christmas story, as they learn that what happened then changes everything now.

Under Wraps: The Gift We Never Expected: Under Wraps is an Advent experience that explores the character of God described in the Old Testament and then revealed through Jesus Christ. Each week centers on a key word that describes a characteristic of God that is evidenced in the Old Testament and then seen more clearly through Jesus: faithful, dangerous, expectant, and jealous. Additional material on the theme of “Joy” is provided for an optional Christmas week focus. Contributors include Jessica LaGrone, Andy Nixon, Rob Renfroe, and Ed Robb.

Sent: Delivering The Gift Of Hope At Christmas: by Jorge Acevedo. As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them ... —John 17:18. God sent Christ into the world as our Savior. That’s what Christmas is all about. In turn, Christ sends us into the world. But do we really understand how, where, and why we are sent? This five-week, church-wide Advent study challenges us through story, art, and Bible study to discover what it means to be Christ’s hands, feet, head, and heart. The videos, which were created by a group of dynamic young pastors, makes Sent appropriate for adults and young adults. Contributors include Jorge Acevdeo, Justin LaRosa, Rachel Billups, Lanecia Rouse, and Jacob Armstrong.

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