Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The annual report of Mission Central

By Rob Visscher, Executive Director of Mission Central

While our work continues to expand, Mission Central daily witnesses the hand of God upon us through our challenges and through our blessings. When we remain attuned to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we experience what we call “God Moments”. These are moments when it is clearly beyond our power, when just in time delivery of materials arrive to meet requests made only hours before or the provision of funds to make facility repairs or meet expenses, when only days before it seemed there was a zero balance. These events are transformative to those of us who participate and to those who are benefactors of our work. God is truly unfolding an amazing story of grace and transformation through Mission Central.

Thankfully, there were no major disasters in our area or the United States for which we were called to respond in 2015; yet we did participate in responses to localized domestic major disasters during the year. We continue to collectively connect millions of dollars’ worth of God’s resources with human need, annually. This past year, we took time to strategically reflect on how we carry out our tasks, insuring our continued success for the second decade of mission.

The Board of Directors has begun and will implement our Five-Year Strategic Plan in 2016. Together we are leading the work and mission of Mission Central.

Total Operating Donations:     $ 504,050.00
Total Operation Costs:            $ 480,473.00

15% International:                                        $ 1,191,346.00
24% National (United States)                       $ 1,966,431.00
  3% State of PA (outside Central PA)       $    277,351.00
58% Local (Central PA)                               $ 4,659,124.00


TOTAL LIVES TOUCHED:                  2,078,691

As a premier mission response center we are poised to continue to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to mission needs and disasters here at home and around the globe. Thank you for your support. We are excited for the possibilities of continued collaboration as we respond to the many needs of this world. We are grateful for the financial support of individuals, churches and civic groups like YOU and, of course, that of our beloved volunteers. YOU change lives!

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