Friday, June 24, 2016

2016 Class of Retirees

Photo by Stacy Eckert

2016 Class of Retirees

Back row, left to right: 
Rev. Douglas M. Compton, Pastor Michael T. Bodek, Rev. Dr. Philip T. Wanck, Rev. Michael A. Druck, Rev. Robert A. Graybill, Rev. Jay A. Morris, and Rev. H. Aden Wertz III.

Middle row, left to right:  
Pastor Troy R. Harrold, Rev. Dr. Stephen E. Gallaher, Pastor Donna Lynne Vaux, Rev.Dr. Michael Shambora, Rev. Keith R. Beasley-Topliffe, Rev. William J. Danis, and Rev. Dr. E. Ann Walker.

Front row, left to right: 
Pastor Ann R. Runnels, Pastor Vicki A. Jordan, Pastor Kathleen M. Ehrsam, Pastor Brenda D. Mitchell, Rev. Bruce Wallace, and Rev. Charles W. Sprenkle.

Not Pictured: 
Pastor Gary M. Blankley, Pastor Judy C. Christmann, Pastor George W. Clippinger, Pastor Robert J. Eddinger, Rev. John R. Eidam Sr., Rev. Thomas A. Page, Rev. Dr. Jeffrey L. Rarich, Pastor Jean L. Swett, and Pastor Patricia A. Wise.

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