Friday, June 24, 2016

Headed for the sweetest place on earth

By Deb Steransky

The Sessions Committee Report, delivered by Chairperson Rev. Dr. Gary Weaver, revealed that next year’s Annual Conference will bring changes in dates and place.

Dr. Weaver expressed his gratitude to Conference members for acting so graciously under current construction conditions on the Messiah College campus. He said Messiah College has entered into a long-term facilities plan that resulted in the current construction project, and there will be many more years of construction to come. The committee applauds Messiah College’s forward-thinking plan.

The Sessions Committee also takes very seriously the joys, God moments, and concerns expressed on the yearly evaluations turned in at the end of Conference. Weaver thanked members for never failing to say exactly what they think. His favorite was one comment from last year that said, “I didn’t meet one perfect person, which means that this Annual Conference isn’t perfect—which is a perfect fit for me and my church.”

Past years’ evaluations revealed increasing concerns over the facilities. We are a complicated group to accommodate. After exploring many possibilities, Hershey Lodge was selected as next year’s site for our Annual Conference. They are excited to host us, and as an example of their hospitality, we were each given a Hershey Bar.

The dates for the next five years were set for Annual Conference, and they are:
2017-May 4-6
2018-May 31-June 2
2019-May 30-June 1
2020-May 28-May 30
2021-June 3-5

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