Friday, September 16, 2016


Watts Memorial United Methodist Church in Belleville, Pa., held Vacation Bible School in July in conjunction with West Kish Presbyterian Church and St. John’s Lutheran Church. The theme was Cow-a-bunga! A total of 27 children participated, which was a significant increase over the prior two years.

Douglas Pierce, pastor at Watts Memorial UMC, set a goal for the children to raise $50 for Heifer International Project. This would allow them to donate one share of a cow to help world hunger. He told them that he would kiss a cow if they reached the goal. With the help of all three churches, $2,000 was raised, which allowed them to donate four full cows, and, yes, Pastor Pierce kissed a cow.

“God blessed us greatly and in turn allowed us to bless others more than we ever thought possible,” said Pierce.

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