Monday, December 22, 2014

How are we doing?

Several clergy of the Lewisburg District gather with Rev. Mike Bealla and Jerry Wolgemuth at Wesley UMC in Bloomsburg on December 4 for conversation concerning Connectional Ministries of the Susquehanna Conference.
The question by Rev. Mike Bealla that opened the first two of seven district conversations on December 3 and 4 was simply, “How are we doing?”

The conversations were organized to elicit evaluation of the services provided to local congregations by the Connectional Ministries function of the Susquehanna Annual Conference. Mike Bealla, who serves as Director of Connectional Ministries, was accompanied by Jerry Wolgemuth who serves as Director of Communication of the annual conference. Clergy attending were selected by the district offices.

The two December conversations were held at Hope UMC in Mechanicsburg for the Harrisburg District, and Wesley UMC in Bloomsburg for the Lewisburg District. The remaining schedule will have Bealla and Wolgemuth in the remaining five districts in January and February.

As we move into the next quadrennium, the information gathered will help to frame the kind of resourcing provided by Connectional Ministries. Keeping before us the adaptive question, “What will it look like if ---?” continues to be a central focus of the Susquehanna Conference as we move into the future.

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