Tuesday, December 8, 2015

AC resolutions due in February

One of the special expressions of the United Methodist polity is the opportunity for members of the connection to offer a resolution for consideration to a conference. The founders of our movement believed that in conferencing the Holy Spirit of God could guide us to consider the prompting of our members. The opportunity is here once again for you, your congregation or any of its members to offer a resolution for consideration at the 2016 session of Annual Conference.

A resolution typically is formatted with a series of statements beginning with “whereas.” These statements provide the rationale of the petitioner. These statements demonstrate the assumptions that the petitioner holds. They belong to the petitioner. After the series of “whereas” statements, there appears at least one statement that begins “Therefore, be it resolved.” This becomes the main motion that is put before the Conference. If more than one action is being petitioned, another statement may be added beginning “be it further resolved.”

The Mission and Outreach Team is charged with receiving these resolutions and passing them on to conference with either a vote of concurrence or non-concurrence.

Resolutions are to be clearly printed and sent together with supporting documentation. It is preferred that all resolutions be received electronically via email. You can email them to me at mreisinger@susumc.org. And, if you are unable to email the resolutions, you may mail them to:
Mission and Outreach Team
Rev. Mark Reisinger, Chair
42 S. 3rd St
Lewisburg PA 17837

All resolutions must reach the board no later than February 16, 2016. Please indicate a contact person should the Team need to contact the petitioner for clarification.

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