Thursday, December 10, 2015

Editorial: We will not rest on our laurels

By Jerry Wolgemuth, Director of Communications

Each new generation presents its own unique set of communication challenges. In order to address those challenges effectively we’ve set for ourselves, as a communications staff, three desired outcomes of our endeavors: A Wesleyan understanding of connectionalism, less/better, connectional information, and digital-age literacy.

Our tools are new technologies, contemporary competencies, and innovative thinking.

There are three realities that we must recognize: the shrinking windows of communication opportunities, the imperative presence at multiple communication crossroads, and an understanding that “the medium is the message.”

We hope that you have witnessed progress over the past few months and years in our pursuit of effective communication. This periodical has gone through subtle face-lifts in its presentation for more image intensity. Broadcast email (QuikLINK) draws activity that equals, or exceeds, the activity of our peers. Monthly website visits number over 14,000 from more than 5,600 users for about 34,000 pageviews. The conference Facebook has well over 1,000 “likes.” There are over 200 videos in the conference video library.

But, we do not want to rest on any laurels.

While we enjoy increased activity in our media, in many cases there is room for improvement.

Perhaps in as little as five years ago, the future of print media was in question. Often, printed communication was discontinued in the interest of cost-saving. Now it is obvious that print and digital need to coexist, and more importantly, collaborate.

February of 2016 will be an important month in communications for this annual conference in two ways:

  1. The circulation of Susquehanna LINK will expand from 11,000 copies to 20,000 copies. In addition to the present mailing list, every congregation in the Susquehanna Conference will receive several copies of each issue based on membership. The number ranges from 5 to 45. Those copies may be distributed at the discretion of congregational leadership.
  2. A Shares of Ministry video initiative titled “Better Together” will be introduced in February. The videos are designed to be Internet friendly and church-presentation friendly. Therefore, short and to-the-point will be the rule. We want to celebrate what we accomplish in the name of Christ through Shares of Ministry with an engaging presentation of the “why, what, and who” of Christian stewardship. Watch for more information is future media.


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