Monday, June 30, 2014

Mission Central report

By Rose Baker

In its report to the Annual Conference, Mission Central celebrated its volunteer-driven ministry supporting a vast network of HUBs connecting God’s resources with human need. Of the $11 million of resources that has distributed around the world, $6 million was provided to national and local ministries. Mission Central celebrated the efforts of 7,521 volunteers providing 20,991 hours serving the causes of flood relief and medical supplies.

The report featured two videos created to inspire others to support the work of Mission Central. The first, Tales from Mission Central, is a video depicting the unforgettable journey one youth group discovers when it partners with Mission Central. The video is available for your church to encourage VBS participants to give in offering to Mission Central.

As Mission Central moves to fulfill its future vision, it needs additional and ongoing financial support. Mission Central urged more churches to join the 230 churches that already support Mission Central. Besides giving out of their church budgets, churches have many ways to help support Mission Central: collection of goods, financial support for infrastructure or operational costs, time. Subscriptions are also available, with annual membership gifts, at the Bishop’s Club, Buy-A-Day Club, and Disciple in Mission Club.

Bishop Neil L. Irons has shown his support for the Bishop’s Club, as did Bishop Jeremiah J. Park, with his promise to subscribe. “The check is in the mail,” he said.

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