Monday, February 22, 2016

Continue your mission at Albright Care Services

When Bob and Carol Peel joined Albright Care Services by moving to Normandie Ridge Senior Living Community in 2009, they made the decision based on comfort and security. The Peels were attracted to knowing they did not have to worry about things such as property maintenance or receiving skilled care if necessary. Years later, the couple shares the story of how Albright provides a home that allows them to keep doing what they love — serving others.

The Peels got involved in mission work over a decade ago and have been going on annual mission trips ever since. They chose Red Bird Mission Conference in southeastern Kentucky as the place to make a difference. Historically, this region of the Appalachian Mountains has had high unemployment and few opportunities. The mountains cause isolation, making basic needs difficult to access. An hour drive to the grocery store is usual, and there are few industries. Chronic poverty, poor housing, and rugged terrain make assistance essential. Bob and Carol Peel wanted to lend a helping hand.

On their first visit, the Peels were introduced to every aspect of volunteer work at Red Bird Missionary Conference, from education to housing needs. They were able to select a project based on interest and skills, and found their calling in the office assembling newsletters. The 10,000 newsletters are mailed to conference supporters throughout the nation and abroad, sharing good news of progress made and opportunities to help. The Peels now plan trips based on newsletter distributions.

Although assembling newsletters can be hard work, the Peels consider their trips rewarding. “I go to help others and I feel good about that,” said Carol. “There’s something I can’t describe about being able to help someone else in need.” Bob finds that his mission work helps him to grow as an individual. “When you’re put into a different environment and give your time and efforts toward helping others, I believe you become a better person,” he said. “I might not be the person that I am today if I hadn’t learned to give of myself.”

The Peels agree that they could not help others without receiving a little help themselves. Normandie Ridge Senior Living Community provides them with the assistance they need to take mission trips without having to worry about leaving. “It’s reassuring to know that we can go away and that our place will be safe. We find peace of mind knowing that safety is provided when we are away, with a team to take care of problems that may arise in our absence,” Bob said. “That’s what has allowed us to book two trips this year. We accept a little help, and in return give a little help to others.”

The Peels are shining examples of being called to serve and we are proud that they are part of our Albright family. Albright, celebrating its 100 years of service to the Susquehanna Valley, invites you to continue your mission by joining us at one of our six locations. Visit for information on senior living, day programs, volunteering, or giving.

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