Monday, February 22, 2016

Editorial: Welcome new readers

By Jerry Wolgemuth
Director of Communications

If you are reading this issue of Susquehanna LINK it is possible that you picked up this copy at a display area of your church.


Beginning with this issue your church is receiving a number of complimentary copies of this bi-monthly periodical that is one of the principle means of communicating the activity of United Methodists in central and northeastern Pennsylvania. It carries a sampling of the most newsworthy stories of what is going on in this annual conference of the United Methodist Church.

This is the first issue of Susquehanna LINK with a circulation of 20,000 copies rather than the usual 11,000 copies that we have been mailing bi-monthly (every other month).


We 900 United Methodist congregations believe ourselves to be part of a connectional church; that we are better together in the mission of bringing the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ to a broken world. Therefore, it is imperative that we share our lives together through engaging communication media.

We hope the Susquehanna LINK will be a welcome visitor in your world to help you better understand the vital ministries of the Susquehanna Conference, and that it will be a gateway to learning more through other convenient media. Each issue will refer you to other media resources that will connect you to news of the global United Methodist Church.

If you would find it more convenient to have Susquehanna LINK delivered to your home address you may use the convenient subscription form on page 14 of each issue. The top-right quadrant of page 15, called “Communication DNA in a Capsule,” presents the variety of communication media available to everyone.
Questions about the new distribution can be directed to 1-800-874-8474.


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